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Our special show at Gibus café ! This event was an important step for us, the first time we were performing on a real stage. Cool to see you were there to support us, many thanks to all of you this night. We won the contest because you trust us ! See ya soon for the next show !

Live at Gibus café

Dynamic Radio Live

We were invited there at Dynamic Radio for a special interview about our E.P. "Holly's Creepy Night", with theater band "Le Collectif d'Art" . Giving a live at the end of the show ! You can listen to the entire  show on our souncloud page, or just click here on the podcast button ( french interview ) :

A short video realised in winter 2014 to anounce our first E.P. coming. It was also the first youtube video on our official channel "The Juicy Juice TV". Please suscribe if you like !

The Juicy Juice #1 E.P. advert

more videos on The Juicy Juice TV  !

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